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Casey Godfrey

Casey Godfrey
Vice President, Sales

Manoj Kumar. M
Director of Operations, Hyderabad

Jay. S
Director of Operations,

Keith Mojica

Keith Mojica
Director of Operations,

Anna Adams

Anna Adams
Sales Executive,
North America

247 Account Executive Alexis McMahon

Veronica Perez
Sales Executive,
North America

247 headhunting team

Alexis McMahon
Sales Executive,
North America


You Gain an Army of Professionals

Why add one recruiting resource when you can leverage a team of global sourcing and recruiting experts? That is the 247 advantage. Where many offshoring recruiting partners provide you with one resource, we put a versatile and experienced team of domain, delivery and quality experts on every search we conduct and every submission we deliver. You can be sure that at least three highly experienced 247 team members have worked on every job request you submit.

Take a look at our multi-layered team structure and how several 247 experts work together to ensure the best candidates are delivered to you with speed and precision.



247 sourcers and recruiters are skilled professionals who are adept and leveraging the many tools of Web-based and technology-driven recruiting to deliver candidates with accuracy and speed. Sourcers and recruiters are assigned to specific searches by 247 Delivery Managers who designate resources based on job requisition quantity, complexity and deadlines.

SME (Subject Matter Experts)

When the core sourcing and recruiting team faces a difficult recruiting job or highly specialized requisition, 247 has a team of SMEs who can join the effort to increase both recruiting expertise and manpower. SMEs are talent acquisition experts who have gained specific domain expertise in a specific industry—such as IT, healthcare, finance, insurance, engineering, etc. Their experience and understanding of the work and recruiting landscape boost the speed, efficiency and reach of your 247 team as they tackle sophisticated searches.

QA Lead

Each team has a QA specialist whose job is to review all candidate resumes for skills and fit before they are sent back to the client. We call them QA Leads because quality is their passion and their job. They fill an essential quality control role, determining what candidates should and should not advance.

Onshore Client Resource

Serving as liaisons between you—the client—and our search and delivery teams, Onshore Client resources are your local support team. They work directly with you to ensure we understand your business, your clients, the critical skill needs that shape your recruiting goals and success. These industry pros are onshore in the US and UK, providing added customer support and account insights.

Delivery Managers

247 Delivery Managers supervise the sourcing and recruiting teams in our offshore centers. Their job is to constantly ensure the best team is working effectively and adjust resources to fit changing scopes. When demand is higher, Delivery Managers will add team resources. When candidate skill requirements are challenging, Delivery Managers will bring on more domain experts to increase sourcing knowledge and power.

VAS Managers

VAS (Value Added Service) Managers are highly experienced recruiting experts with domain expertise in key industry segments, such as technology, healthcare, engineering or finance. Their years of sourcing knowledge and network of recruiting resources provide essential manpower of intelligence on challenging and high-volume searches.

Rapid Response Team

When a sourcing need is urgent, large in scale or highly complex, 247 has a third level of expertise and enforcement in our Rapid Response Team. The singular focus of this team is to augment and bolster search capabilities when demand is high or extremely urgent.

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