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Q: Do you specialize in sourcing or recruiting for specific industries?
A: Approximately 85% of our client business is sourcing and filling jobs of every skill and level across the Information Technology (IT) sector.

Q: Can I speak to my resourcer?
A: You can contact your Delivery Manager should you wish to speak with someone on your assigned team about the requirements you have asked us to work on. We will also be communicating with you daily via email to update you on the status of your search requests.

Q: How do you guarantee the quality of your work?
A: We have stringent quality assurance procedures in place to ensure the CVs we source are a match to your requirements. Before they are submitted to you, CVs are reviewed by a member of our quality assurance team to ensure they match the search you have provided. Additionally, an Account Manager is assigned to you who will be in regular contact with you to check that you are satisfied with the quality of our work.

Q: Will the person who sources for me understand UK geography and commuting distances?
A: During our training process we explain the Network Rail and London Underground systems and how people commute to work within the UK. Your searches are guided by the radius you specify from the location of the job.

Q: How are search terms for candidate searches defined?
A: Our clients provide us with a detailed job description for each position, which we use to identify search terms for sourcing candidates for each specific role. The more details you provide on the role and your requirements, the more effective and efficient 247 will be.

Q: Does 247 operate its own ATS (applicant tracking system) to support clients that do not have an ATS?
A: Yes, 247 operates its own ATS. We provide each client with portal access to our ATS so you can post requirements for jobs, provide feedback on CVs submitted, put jobs on hold and close out job requests.

Q: Will I always work with the same resourcer?
A: We will assign one resourcer to your account, as well as, a full support team that includes a Team Lead, Delivery Manager and Onshore Client Manager. When a member or your account team is on leave or sick, we have back up resources who are trained on each account and able to immediately step in and support your needs.

Q: How many positions per day and per week does the 247 sourcing rate include?
A: Full-time resourcers can work up to four openings each day of a five-day work week. You can change the openings your resourcer works on every day. Therefore, resourcers may work on up to 20 openings per week.

Q: How will I know which job board is the source of the candidate CV?
A: You will be provided with a submission report at the end of each day which includes the details on all sourcing activities, such as the job board each candidate is sourced from and the names of candidates identified.

Q: How far back will you search on the Job Boards?
A: You will decide how far back you would like us to search and provide us with this information for each search request.

Q: Do you provide contact data for all the candidates you source?
A: We provide you with the contact information the candidate has uploaded to job boards and/or social media sites. We utilize in-house, proprietary software to source email/phone data that is within the public domain and add it to candidate profiles prior to submitting them to you. However, email or phone data must be within the public domain for us to be able to provide it.

Q: How does your billing work?
A: Our billing process is simple. We invoice you at the end of each month. Payment is due within 15 days of receipt of invoice.