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Maintaining Employee Engagement

May 27, 2020 Anna Adams

For a lot of us who are non-essential workers, the emergence of Coronavirus means we’ll be spending the foreseeable future telecommuting. Of course, remote work presents its own set of challenges from an employee perspective, but it also puts a great deal of strain on employers to maintain staff engagement, especially during such a difficult […]

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Mitigating Business Challenges Posed by the Coronavirus

April 30, 2020 Alexis McMahon

As we’re all aware, the world has been on near lockdown for well over a month. What at first felt like a few large-scale events simply being cancelled or pushed back (Staffing Industry Analysts Executive Forum comes to mind) quickly became much more extensive and long term. Today in the US, government and medical experts […]

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Updated: Top Staffing & Recruiting Conferences of 2020

April 22, 2020 Casey Godfrey

At the start of the year, we compiled a list of the top recruiting conferences to attend in 2020. As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, several have been rescheduled, postponed or outright cancelled. Fortunately, most of the conferences immediately affected are going digital, so people who registered in advance will be able to tune […]

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Gen Z VS Millennials & How to Recruit Them

April 6, 2020 Casey Godfrey

Every generation relates to their work differently. In some cases, young employees new to the workforce must adapt to longstanding workplace practices, while in others they can become the catalyst for organizational change. Currently, companies are in the midst of negotiating this push-and-pull dynamic with millennials, appealing to their specific wants and needs—like soft benefits […]

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The Case for a 4 Day Work Week

March 19, 2020 Anna Adams

This blog is the next in a series about emerging trends in the workplace. We’ll be examining changing attitudes, conceptions and ideas surrounding the traditional 9 to 5, as well as our relationship to the work environment as a whole.  A Brief History Lesson The 5-day, 40-hour work week became the standard practice across a wide […]

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How Hobbies Make You More Productive

February 11, 2020 Alexis McMahon

It’s the new year, which means some of us are entering into 2020 with a few resolutions. Perhaps we want to exercise more, eat healthier, or erode certain bad habits. Regardless of your level of resolve, one resolution that everyone can make is to unplug a bit more from your work life and dedicate more […]

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How To Effectively Work Remotely

December 4, 2019 Veronica Perez

This blog is the first in a series about new trends & changing attitudes in the workplace. We’ll be examining changing attitudes, conceptions and ideas surrounding the traditional 9 to 5, as well as our relationship to the work environment as a whole. From offering more flexible hours, to placing a greater emphasis on employee […]

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