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Category: VMS Support

3 Ways to Structure Your Offshore Partnership

October 29, 2019 Venkat Biroje
247 headhunting offshore recruitment

There are a variety of reasons why staffing firms turn to remote recruitment services provider. Perhaps, they want to expand their VMS staffing capabilities, or maybe they want to better serve their current clients by giving their internal recruiters access to offshore resources. Whatever the reason, properly structuring your offshore partnership at the outset is […]

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VMS Staffing: Building a Relationship with your MSP

January 30, 2019 Anna Adams
247 hea hunting offshore recruitment

In a recent post, we outlined a number of strategies staffing firms can implement to maximize ROI and be successful in the VMS world. We discussed the importance of the tier system, and offered suggestions on how to better incentivize recruiters to pursue placements within this new model. But the fact remains, many staffing companies […]

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How to Stop Wasting Your Time with VMS

November 16, 2018 Casey Godfrey
247 headhunting offshore recruitment

The purpose of Vendor Management Systems is to establish a connection between staffing agencies and the companies they serve in a way that (presumably) levels the playing field and increases competition between agencies. When properly leveraged, VMS staffing can be incredibly fruitful. There are opportunities to make more placements, not to mention the fact that […]

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How Staffing Firms Can Boost ROI With Strategic VMS Support

February 26, 2016 John Schroeck

As the trend towards VMS adoption becomes increasingly popular, staffing firms are faced with mounting pressure to overcome the associated challenges. How can VMS support help them, and what strategies can they adopt to collaborate with their VMS support and further boost ROI? Challenges of Implementing VMS The challenges of implementing a Vendor Management System […]

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