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A Guide to Writing an RFP for Recruitment Support Services

Find the Right RPO Partner with a Better RFP

When you’re responsible for the decision to invest in a new vendor, it can feel like putting your neck on the line. Finding the right Recruiting Process Outsourcing  (or Recruitment Support Services) provider is no exception. An RPO partner will help you garner the advantages of increased manpower and bandwidth that will lead to greater profitability, but there’s risk in making the decision. We know that the last thing you want is to compromise your brand with a subpar recruitment process or jeopardize your company (or your position) through a vendor’s lack of competency or compliance.

That’s why crafting a thorough RFP, which carefully addresses your business requirements, expectations and scope of the project, is a valuable tool in the decision-making process. We want to make your decision easier, which is why we’ve put together this RPO RFP template to ensure you’re reaching an informed decision.

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