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Healthcare staffing Case study


A Midwest based staffing firm serving hospitals and healthcare organizations nationwide. Their approach is simple: take care of candidates so that candidates can take care of patients. Their team of recruiters is dedicated to bridging the gap between job-seeking healthcare professionals and open positions in the industry, finding assignments that work for candidates and their families.


The company built an effective recruitment operation, earning multiple industry awards and repeated year over year growth. Facing pressure from an increasingly competitive market, they set out to identify opportunities for improvement an threats to sustained growth. hey sought a recruiting solution that would address two obstacles impeding their growth

1.The need to satisfy an increasing number of client requirements ‒ in particular, clients with seasonal hiring needs ‒ without the risk of over committing to internal hiring

2.The growing challenge of fulfillment on large national accounts, which was hindered by the company’s wholly onshore recruiting model.

The company determined that an offshore recruitment solution could address both concerns. They had never worked with an offshore recruitment provider and were wary of committing to a single firm. ultimately, they chose four providers to support them including 247 headhunting.


This partnership started with four offshore recruiters, who quickly integrated with internal staff, working during the company’s business hours an maintaining daiy contact with the internal recruiters they supported. Operating under the direction of the company’s internal recruiters and working within their applicant



Sustaining growth in an increasingly competitive market

Steady increase in requirement volume strains existing recruiting resource

Need to increase recruiting resources, without overcommitting to internal hiring

Performance on large national accounts becoming hindered by onshore-only operations

it tracking system, the 247 recruiters submitted candidates directly to end clients.

The experience of working with an offshore team was aided by a 247 Engagement Manager, who joined the client’s team onsite and worked alongside their recruiters. By working closely with these recruiters during site visits, 247’s Engagement Manager gained insight into nuances & preferences of both the company and their end clients. This provided the Engagement Manager with an understanding of certain factors that are not often found in a job requisition, but that could have a significant effect on the success of a candidate’s submission.

The Engagement Manager also helped function as a liaison between the company and the offshore recruiters, as needed.

“The greater accessibility to management was welcomed,” said the company’s Director of Operations. “This facilitated more effective communication between our two teams and, as a result, 247 had a much quicker response time to our issues and needs as they developed compared to the other partners we worked with.” This qualitative difference was, in part, due to the offshore recruiters’ thorough training.

“Their articulation of requirements was much cleaner and the ability to understand our systems, client needs, and workflow was much better than other vendors.”



As 247 continued to prove a reliable and responsive partner, the client scaled their team of offshore resources from four to 20 over a two year span.

“Growing client needs have been the main driver for our increased headcount of offshore recruiters,” said the client’s Director of Operations. Though the company was hesitant at first to commit to a single firm, they ultimately decided to end their other offshore engagements and partner exclusively with 247.

“Previously, we would’ve looked to other options, but we had built such a trusted partnership with the 247 team we decided to expand and grow with them. Through our partnership, the quality of our candidates sourced has greatly increased, which has led to more overall placements.”

Over the course of the partnership, 247 has placed more than 300 candidates across a variety of healthcare positions on behalf of the client. 247’s expertise and guidance has also led to an increased use of the client’s internal systems, thereby making their own recruiters more efficient.

Focusing primarily on VMS staffing, the 247 offshore resources assist the client in” increasing the quality, volume and speed of candidate submittals. The company is now able to provide a higher level of service to all their accounts, positioning them for long-term sustained growth.





300+ PLACEMENTS (ongoing) 

❝  Previously, we would’velooked to other options,but we had built such a trusted  partnership with the 247 team we decided to expand and grow with them. Through our partnership, the quality of our candidates sourced has greatly increased, which has led to more overall placements.❞