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How AI Integration can improve candidate searches for recruiters

October 19, 2021 Casey Godfrey

The use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) is rapidly advancing across many industries and different sectors.

The traditional human process for hiring candidates is exhaustive, expensive, and time-consuming. Typically, recruiters look everywhere and analyze everything to get to the end search result.

On the other side, technology helps companies set up an unbiased process to find the best candidate and make them a part of the team, without requiring as many human hours.

With rapidly evolving market needs and rising competition, most of us do not have the time to invest in such comprehensive searches. The faster we are, the better we serve our clients.

Thanks to AI, the recruiter can yield better search results in less time. AI can help find candidates for all positions, from a management position to an associate role.

In a world of AI technology, the recruitment process becomes more efficient and cuts the drive-to-fill time. It all starts with automating sourcing and matching candidates and can include such advanced features as analyzing facial expressions.

AI offers a number of advantages to drive more successful job searches.

Matching candidate skills with company needs

Besides just keyword matches, especially AI allows you to match the company and candidate skills.

With more complex requirements for each role and millions of resumes out there, it can be hard to identify the most suitable profile. AI can help recruiters connect candidates with companies that have positions open in line of work and that fit well based on their skills and experience.

Job boards leverage technology to help job seekers find the perfect employer and allow uploaded resumes to run through AI. The information on the resume gets into the millions of resumes available.

With the resulting data set, AI can compare the skills and experiences with related members and see where those members found a good company match.

Besides the focus on open positions, AI also bridges the gap between the job seeker and the companies with relevant job openings.

Engaging personality test

An advanced level of analysis comes with AI, including an engaging personality test, AI helps job boards understand the ideal work style.

When candidates sign up with the job board, they are encouraged to play a workstyle game. During the process, interaction with the game and keystroke observations get analyzed with the help of advanced algorithms.

The AI can find the best fit for the candidates who went through the game process. It suggests which companies would be the best fit and offers the perfect work style, personality, and cultural fit.

Matching job seekers with companies based on skillset and work experience is crucial for job boards. But understanding their long-term goals and ideal work environment can be critical. AI can help to match both personal and professional preferences. It offers an improved likelihood to lead to a more suitable combination of employer and employee.

Guiding the career journey

The career journeys of successful workers turn out to be inspiring and make them leaders. Their work and path inspire candidates who aspire to achieve something great. AI helps to understand the leaders’ work experiences and the companies they worked for to provide much more information. It also lets their paths inspire and guide the job seekers from the workers (leaders) whose skills and personalities match.

Let’s say a candidate’s long-term vision is to work at Microsoft. AI allows them to look for Microsoft employees’ past experiences and companies they worked for in the past. The references of such information can help guide the candidates on how to progress and which direction to take to improve their chances of reaching their desired position or company. It provides a shortlist of companies that would be an ideal fit in terms of culture and skills and on which they should concentrate the job search.

This process empowers employees to achieve the long-term goals and clarifies their career plans. To keep it simple, it connects the dots (potential employers) and eventually helps them arrive at a desired career goal or company.

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