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Our Process


Our Processes, Your Advantage

247 process excellence is rooted in RPO best practices and our deep understanding of your world—the staffing industry. In fact, every step of our approach has been refined and optimized in step with our clients and their changing needs.

247 Recruiting Power Delivered 24/7

Process Starts with Team

Because 247 is a people company—just like your business—our process is carefully aligned with the people who make it work. 247 candidate sourcing and recruiting support is delivered by a multifaceted team that includes one or more professional in each of the following critical roles:

  • Sourcer/recruiter
  • SME (subject matter expert)
  • Team lead
  • Account manager
  • Quality assurance specialist
  • Rapid Response specialist

The expertise, skill and experience of these professionals offers you the richest possible offshore team and one uniquely capable of rapidly and precisely executing 247s proven candidate search and submittal process.

Key Process Phases

Propriety and client-centric, our process combines the best of people and the best of technology in order to drive candidates and greater revenue to your business. Here’s a high-level look the steps we take to optimize and accelerate candidate search and sourcing:

  • Assessment — We start with where you are by assessing your candidate requisitions, client demand, skill needs, recruitment tools, technology platforms and domain requirements. We get to know your delivery approach, recruitment team and quality standards. The better we understand your staffing processes, people and technologies, the faster we are at optimizing sourcing and increasing your placement success.
  • Configuration — 247 partners with your team to configure our platforms for your needs, processes and technologies. We customize submissions, communications and reports and integrate them seamlessly with your ATS, ensuring that both people and platforms engage with speed, clarity and accuracy.
  • SLA Establishment — Prior to any sourcing and recruiting support, 247 partners with your recruiting and leadership teams to establish service level agreements (SLAs). These critical benchmarks set the targets, aligning offshore resources with your high standards and expectations.
  • Delivery and Measurement — The moment 247 sourcing and recruitment support begins, the feedback and measurement begins. As searching, sourcing, vetting and submissions take place, 247 is continuously measuring and reporting progress. This analytical approach allows you to measure and monitor ROI from day one.
  • Continuous Communication and Optimization — Because staffing is dynamic, and so is your client base, 247 works continuously to optimize our process and tools for your maximum benefit. Our client feedback protocols—either daily, weekly or monthly calls—ensure we are constantly in close communication and ready to make the changes that fit your current needs.

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