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How 247 Technologies Bolsters Your Performance

At 247, we love technology. We understand the critical reach, speed, insight and analytics it brings to sourcing and recruitment. We harness it to increase our search precision and your placement results.

We’ve taken the very best of RPO tools and created the following suite of interconnected technology platforms. We invite you to take a look at these proprietary 247 technologies. Find out how we optimize every sourcing step and tool to deliver the candidates you need faster than ever.

247 Our Technology


A user-friendly communications and management portal, ClientPath is the tool staffing clients use to submit job requisitions to their 247 sourcing and recruiting teams. It’s the communications hub between you and your offshore team, streamlining all candidate requests and submittals. ClientPath offers a performance dashboard with real-time reporting on all search and recruiting activities. You can get up-to-the-minute metrics to see how quickly and effectively 247 is delivering the candidates you need and meeting your SLAs.


SearchPath is the powerful search and sourcing platform 247 uses to rapidly identify and engage active and passive job candidates based on your job requests. Using robots and search algorithms customized by job board and social media platform, SearchPath is a talent engagement engine with global reach. Most importantly, SearchPath is very smart and very discriminating. Rather than producing high quantities of candidates, Search Path is optimized to deliver the best candidates, using data intelligence to swiftly sort and rank candidates by qualifications, experience and suitability.


Delivering to your high standards and requirements is critical to our success. We have made high quality a hallmark of everything we do—and that includes technology. 247 uses SmartScope, a performance measurement and testing system, to monitor performance quality and trigger-automated quality assessments. A proactive problem solving tool, SmartScope gives 247 comprehensive performance insight as well as the ability to fix issues and offer improvements long before you know they are needed.


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