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Administrative Support


Successful onboarding is essential to both the candidate and the organization. With 247’s onboarding support, you can ensure compliance and a consistent candidate experience while saving time and money.

247 helps companies bring efficiency to the onboarding process by managing the new hire verification and document collection. Using your existing onboarding workflow or one we develop together, 247’s onboarding specialists keep candidates engaged and manage them through the new hire checklist.

Benefits of our onboarding solution:

  • Consistent Candidate Experience: the onboarding process is customized to your requirements and your brand.
  • Smarter Resource Allocation for Time + Cost Savings: you’ll get more done when internal staff can focus on high-value tasks while onboarding responsibilities are maintained by 247.
  • Stay Organized & Hire with Confidence: Diligent tracking of each candidate from offer letter to start date. Workflow for each condition and compliance verification requirement is established by you. 247 staff is trained and workflow is tested prior to kickoff.
  • Faster Implementation: no new software to purchase means no new technical integrations, complicated platforms, training and troubleshooting. Onboarding tasks can be quickly transferred to 247’s experienced onboarding specialists – who are real human beings.

Onboarding solution features:

  • Management of background check, credit check, drug test and employment verification orders
  • Checklist of forms, which may include:
    • Candidate Welcome Kit
    • Compliance verification forms
    • I-9
    • Offer letter
    • W4
    • Payroll Setup
    • Benefits Information
    • 401K forms
    • Employee Policy or Code of Conduct
  • Smooth integration with every system, process and platform you’re currently using. -Because we’re people, not software. Need to check the status of a candidate’s verification? Have some free time and just want to chat? Pick up the phone and call us.

Contact us  today to find out how our onboarding solutions can help you hire with confidence, while saving time and money.


Both recruiting and sales benefit from a consistent review of your candidate database

Our database update services are an effective way to maintain, clean and validate data to provide access to candidates who may otherwise not be found. Additionally, data gleaned from candidate CVs may provide sales opportunities into companies that you are not currently servicing or prospecting.

Benefits of refreshed candidate data include:

  • Updated CVs
  • Data on newly acquired skills
  • Availability dates
  • Interest in a career change forward planning for follow-up calls
  • A pipeline of candidates available for work
  • Potential sales leads: a list of companies where candidates have worked

This database service allows you to:

  • Streamline internal processes and reduce reliance on job boards to find active candidates
  • Improve the usefulness of your internal database, directly resulting in an increase in candidates to market/submit to opportunities

Advanced follow-up activities increase candidate engagement, brand recognition and speed of finding suitable candidates for open positions.

If our engagement is ongoing, it will remove the time expended by your internal team to parse CVs to the database and skills code candidate resumes/CVs.

Get more value from your database. Learn more and request a consultation by contacting us today.


We strive to be your strategic partner, operating as part of your own team, culture and process. As that valued partner, we want to support you across each stage of growth: from bringing efficiency to routine tasks, to helping you launch new services and new markets.

Whether you’re focusing on today or preparing for tomorrow, small details or big picture, let us put our expertise and global resources to work for you.

We provide a broad range of support solutions designed to get more done, so that you can focus on what you do best.

Our support solutions include:

  • Resume formatting
  • Sales support
  • Market research
  • Program Development and Improvement: for clients looking to implement a new solution or program, or to get established in a new market, 247 will collaborate with you as a consultant, bringing our industry expertise and global resources to meet your goals.
  • Ongoing candidate engagement: have a pool of candidates that need to be kept “warm”, available on demand? We’ve helped companies manage large candidate populations for on-demand and rapid response services.

Contact us today to learn more about our support solutions, or to discuss a custom solution.

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October 30, 2018

"Thank you so much for your support to the [client] Healthcare team. You have made a significant impact in a short amount of time and want to recognize you for that. On behalf of all of us in Healthcare – Thank you. It is amazing to see what you have picked up for two different clients in a matter of weeks."