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Better Together: Get More From Your Recruiting Efforts

247Headhunting has been supporting talent organizations in North America and Europe for over 12 years.  We understand the challenges of the job: from  research to sourcing to screening and recruiting –the talent acquisition process is enough to fill your workday.  Not to mention the networking, the qualifying, the negotiating and managing of talent and clients.

We also understand that a recruiter’s greatest value is in the high ROI, skilled activities that close candidates and drive revenue.  Our recruitment support services maximize that value, by removing the more routine tasks of the candidate search process.   –Giving each recruiter more time to do what they do best.

And the feeling of satisfaction from finding that perfect-fit candidate?  

We love that feeling too.

How 247 helps 
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Benefits of working with 247:

  • Gain critical manpower quickly (scalable, flexible, and low risk) We have over 500 recruiters in three centers working complementary hours to your own staff
  • Technical sourcing – Full end to end recruiting and candidate sourcing
  • Access to our proprietary technology in your recruiting process
  • Increased access to qualified candidates
  • Improved efficiency and hires from in-house recruiters: fuel your team with support from 247

We are sourcing and recruiting support experts, able to give you an edge over the competition when it comes to finding talent.

Words can only say so much, let’s have our results do the talking:

Staffing firm EDGE Services was unsure if it could continue serving VMS clients without sacrificing quality or profitability. After consulting with 247Headhunting, the company made changes that dramatically improved its performance and its bottom line. Read the case study to learn how they did it.



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For years, staffing executives at HicksPro struggled with disappointing results from their offshore recruiting efforts.  They knew the model worked, and internally they were doing everything right.  What were they missing?

The turning point came when they sought out 247Headhunting.  Learn what changed, and the difference the right provider can make.



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Our services have benefited companies of all sizes – from very small to Fortune 500, including:

  • Electronic Arts
  • Blackberry
  • TD Bank
  • IBM
  • Zappos


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