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Strategies for Maintaining the Candidate Experience While Using an Offshore Recruitment Model

Under the pressure to achieve sales goals and meet client expectations, it’s easy to let a sense of urgency overwhelm the concept of candidate experience. But if candidates feel undervalued, unengaged, or misinformed, it should come as no surprise when they turn elsewhere for a source of employment.

This is true whether or not you use an offshore recruitment model to help you relieve some of the recruiting burden. However, since an RPO solution has inherently more moving parts than in a stand-alone in-house team, implementing a procedure for maintaining candidate experience is all the more critical.


Integration from Day One

Before making a final decision on adopting an RPO solution, some organizations look into running a short-term pilot to get an idea of the expected ROI. Although their intentions here are good, pilots rarely produce the results they’re looking for. The overwhelming reason behind this is that a typical pilot neglects to fully integrate the outsourced team with the in-house team.

Maximized ROI relies heavily on producing a positive candidate experience, but this can’t happen if your team of offshore recruiters isn’t fully integrated from day one. They simply won’t reach their full potential.

The same would be true if you were hiring an individual for your internal team; it’s unlikely you’d throw them in the deep end without any training. Likewise, without the proper training and integration, your outsourced recruiters won’t have the knowledge they need to serve the candidates, and your internal team, as a result, won’t take your outsourced team seriously. Candidate experience will suffer, and in turn reduce both quality and quantity of candidates in your pipeline.


Strategy for Integration

For an offshore recruitment model to really meet success, candidates shouldn’t be able to perceive a difference between your in-house and outsourced teams. This means your outsourced recruiters need to become a genuine, collaborative extension of your own team with comprehensive knowledge of the client’s job, benefits, and work culture.

From day one of launching your RPO solution, the team of outsourced recruiters need to have email addresses with your domain, complete with company-consistent email signatures. They should be fully assimilated into the internal communication process, whether it’s via phone, email or instant messaging. ATS access is a must, especially to features such as call history (because no candidate wants to be called 5 times in a week by 5 different recruiters), previous submissions, and client requirements.

If possible, get your outsourced recruiters to dial into any conference calls with your clients to really get a sense of their requirements, work culture, and overall benefits of working there. It’s this kind of information that can help your offshore team provide a valuable and engaging candidate experience.


Strategy for Responsiveness

No matter how knowledgeable and assimilated your offshore recruitment team, the pass-over of candidates from outsourced to in-house recruiter is one of the most crucial moments in the recruiting process. Even the best candidate experience won’t make up for time a candidate wastes sitting neglected in the pipeline.

It’s essential to establish clear procedural guidelines for passing the baton. Whether it’s a dedicated account manager or small team of in-house recruiters, someone needs to continue the recruitment process with each sourced and screened candidate with no lapse in service. Communication is key.


Bringing It All Together

These strategies are foundational, and though many of them seem commonsense, it is surprising how few organizations follow through on implementing them. Candidates know when recruiting teams aren’t on top of their game; they feel the effect of lacking communication and failure to share knowledge.

With this in mind, to achieve and sustain a positive and consistent candidate experience while using an offshore recruitment model, integration and communication is crucial. At 247, we work closely with staffing firms to assess their clients’ needs in order to deliver a truly successful outsourced recruitment solution. Don’t hesitate to reach out to learn more about how we can help you gain a competitive edge.